Mar 01

2014 Victorian Championships

The 2015 Victorian Championships lived up to every expectation with a standard higher than we have ever seen at this level before.  Our level 4 team performed magnificently and Tahlia, Jasmine, Grace, Caitlyn and Alexis were proudly announced fourth placed team.

At level 5, Lisa progressed through to the All Around Finals. Jasmine and Caitlyn also progressed to the level 4 All Around Final where Caitlyn placed 1st on beam and is now also the 2015 Victorian State Level 4 Champion.


Aug 24

Geelong YMCA competition results

The level 4-5 girls started their competition season at Geelong YMCA on August 10th and came home with wonderful results. The main aim for this competition was to set a baseline for the rest of the season and to gain the all important pass score for level testing. I’m happy to report that everyone achieved the required pass score and the following girls are our newest level 4 gymnasts:
Courtney Mason, Ally McLean, Alexis Stergiopoulos, Chloe Maricak, Tahlia Houghton, Jasmine Kuerschner, Grace Scott-Thomas & Nicola Scarso.

GracieSpecial congratulations to Grace Scott Thomas. In her first event at this level, Grace was the all around champion for her session, and achieved the highest score of any level 4 gymnast on the day! Grace is nearly nine years old, she trains 9 hours per week at MDG and is a very consistent worker. I’m very pleased to see her efforts rewarded.

Here is a long list of more top ten results achieved on the day:

Level 5 –
Lisa Horn – 8th All Around, 5th Bars, 10th Beam, 8th Floor

Level 4 Team Blue –
Courtney, Abbie, Ally, Alexis, Chloe
4th All Around Team
Courtney Mason – 2nd All Around, 1st Bars, 1st Beam
Abbie – 8th All Around, 5th Bars, 6th Floor

Level 4 Team Yellow –
Nicola, Grace, Caity, Tahlia, Jasmine
2nd All Around Team
Nicola – 9th Floor
Jasmine – 5th Bars, 8th All Around
Caity – 9th Vault, 1st Bars, 10th Beam, 6th All Around
Grace – 3rd Vault, 4th Bars, 3rd Beam, 4th Floor, 1st All Around

MDG team

We are now preparing the girls for the following events:
Eclipse – AUG 23-24
BTYC – SEP 6-7
JETS – Sep 20-21

Best of luck to Nicola and Courtney who have both set a goal to achieve level 5 at their next event!

Jan 04

Gymnastics Coach Position

An enthusiastic coach is required to lead beginner and Level 1-2 WG classes in 2014. Children at our club love learning gymnastics because our coaches set achievable goals, value each child’s effort and give praise often.

The coaching team at Mountain Districts Gymnastics work together to support each other as well as the gymnasts within the club.  Our coaches are friendly and have a passion for the sport that stems from the belief that gymnastics is good for all children.

Coaches are required for classes as follows:
  • Monday 4-5pm & 5-7pm – beginner & level 1-2 girls
  • Thursday 4-5pm & 5-7pm – beginner & level 1-2 girls
  • Possible Wednesday afternoon and Saturday girls classes also.

Classes for 2014 begin on Monday, February 3rd.

Email is the preferred method of contact for your application. Please include in your application a brief coaching philosophy and an account of why you enjoy coaching such a great sport!

Job responsibilities include:

  • Teaching required skills only, safely and progressively, providing appropriate drills and physical preparation activities.
  • Mentoring young assistant coaches during beginner classes.
  • Adopting the basic lesson plan/timetable adhered to by all Mountain Districts coaches in order to work cooperatively with other groups using the gym at the same time.
  • Managing both large and small groups of children.
  • Completing basic administration tasks accurately and on time.  This includes marking class attendance and handing out forms and notices.
  • Communicating honestly and consistently with the club manager with regard to gymnast progress, parent comments and activities not conducted within class time (for example, competitions).

Essential Selection Criteria:

At Mountain Districts Gymnastics, we provide a fun and supportive training atmosphere.  We promote gymnastics as not only a sport, but a lifestyle choice that allows children to have fun, be fit, strong and healthy and make lifelong friendships. Each child at our club is important and we work tirelessly to develop an “I can” attitude toward training.  Our hope is that this attitude is carried with them to other areas of their life.

Applicants for coaching positions should:

  • Be reliable, honest, punctual and role model ideal behaviors.
  • Have the ability to respond effectively to children of different ages and abilities in order to achieve personal best results.
  • Be able to develop strong relationships with children and young teens that build trust, inspire confidence and promote long term participation.
  • Be able to take full responsibility for a class and be happy to work with limited supervision.
  • Be openly enthusiastic and continuously reinforce the benefits of participating and progressing in the sport of gymnastics.
  • Be goal oriented and able to work toward specific individual and group targets. You should be prepared to adhere to the goals of the individual and group by regularly checking and assessing progress.
  • Be able to naturally use a variety of praise techniques to encourage young gymnasts and empower older ones.   You should thoughtfully match the type of praise given to the behavior or achievement observed.
  • Set clear expectations and offer well planned activities in order to avoid disruptive behavior.  You should be prepared to implement the club discipline policy quickly and effectively so as not to interrupt class.
  • Promote and expect good training habits:
    • Understand the skill
    • Perform the skill correctly
    • Put in 100% effort
Oct 21

Vic State Championships Level 4 Results

Well, the preliminary for the Victorian Championships level 4 is over, and it was an incredibly tough competition!  Congratulations to Lisa, who came 9th overall and is off to Geelong on November 9th for the finals.

Congratulations also to Caity, Miranda and Jane, who all worked really hard and put in some excellent performances on the day.  Quite a few personal best scores there.

Vic State Championships L4

Overall the team came 13th, which is something to be enormously proud of at State Championship level.

Thumbs up of the day goes to Jane, who noticed during the medal presentations at the end of the session that an injured girl in another team had joined her team late and missed out on getting a medal. Jane told the official handing them out, to make sure the girl didn’t miss out.

It was also great to see the girls not just cheering each other on, but also the girls from Jets competing in the same group.

Well done – that’s the sort of club spirit that makes Mountain Districts such an awesome gymnastics club!

Oct 11

Victorian State Championships – Level 4

A very exciting day is coming up for Mountain Districts on Sunday, October 19th – we have a team competing in the preliminary round of the level 4 State Championships!

Congratulations to Lisa, Caity, Miranda and Jane for qualifying, and we wish all of you the best of luck. Fingers crossed you all make it through to the finals!

MDG Level 4 Team

MDG Level 4 Team