Jets Diamond Creek “Learn to Fly” Invitational L4-10

A busy weekend for Mountain Districts, with competitors in 5 different levels!

Grace got the club off to a great start, winning gold on Beam in the level 7 competition.  Jess also put in a solid performance in level 9.

Jets2013Lisa Horn followed up with a gold on Bars in level 4, and the level 4 team of Lisa, Miranda, Caity and Jane won silver overall. Well done, girls!

In the same section, the team of Amy, Yanna and Keeley performed well for their debut.  Who will forget Keeley’s face when she finally got over on her vault for the first time ever?  One of the biggest cheers from the crowd for the whole session, which was a great example of sportsmanship!

Stephanie and Jackie competed in the same session in level 8, and gave us all a great example of how to enjoy competing, even if things don’t go quite how you plan.  I’m sure we all hope Jackie’s ankle is back to full strength soon.

Our level 5 team of Shaniah, Rachael and Brittany did well, with Shaniah managing 6th on floor.  Great effort!

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